About Us

Est — 2002

At the Fabricgrove, we are simply lovers of fabric. We are a destination point for the sewing and creative community, offering a curated range of designer dress fabrics and mill overruns coupled with an exceptional in-store experience and dedicated, passionate service. We aim to provide an alternative option within a fast-fashion society where fine craft and high-quality fabrics are often undervalued. We are huge supporters of home sewing and the #memade movement and appreciate the time and care that goes into creating garments by hand. We believe that creative endeavors like home sewing and crafts can also have a profound impact on our well-being.


We are an India owned and operated business that began in 2002. We opened our first India store in 2008. A personal connection and the local film industry led us to open an e-commerce store, The e-commerce store created a lot of international interest in our unique offering of fabrics – especially in our range of digitally printed fabric, and once again we were convinced to expand into the online world, opening our International Online Store.


We are proud to be actively engaged within our local communities through charitable donations to a wide variety of causes. We’ve established these channels as an ideal means to mitigate fabric wastage by sorting and donating offcuts and even our smallest scraps to a diverse range of community groups including animal rescue operations, kindergartens, and many non-profit groups such as those sewing for children’s hospitals. If you are located close to one of our stores and are involved in a community group that may have a need or use for fabric offcuts or scraps please get in touch with us here to enquire.


We believe that there are already far too many mass-manufactured, ethically questionable fabrics and garments in existence. We made a conscious decision early on to rework the traditional textile supply model of purchasing entirely new or custom milled fabrics, allowing us to avoid the damaging and contradictory cycle of waste that it creates. We believe that it is important to us to run our business mindfully with thought and concern for the future of our world and environment.

Exclusive Fabrics

We produce two small ranges of exclusive fabrics to sit alongside these designer ends in stores – Premium 195gsm Merino and Exclusive Linen in a Midweight and Heavyweight. We’re careful not to produce or hold excessive amounts of inventory and we have selected manufacturers that follow and meet international standards in key areas of environmental and social impact. Read more about how we source our Exclusive Linen and Premium Merino.